While on patrol in Walton Road, Mill Park, Atlas Security DPS Armed Response Officer B148 responded to a pursuit in progress. It was reported that the suspect had robbed a cell phone from a school child.

B148 went into the bushes via Snowden Avenue and apprehended the suspect. The victim’s cell phone was found on the suspect and handed back to its rightful owner.

The child’s parent was on the scene, and Armed Response ensured that the suspect left the area. No arrest was made as no case was opened.
In the event of no case being opened with the SAPS, our Armed Response Officers are forced to release the suspect, as in the eyes of the law, if there is no case opened the crime was never committed.

A resident that witnessed the suspect being apprehended had the following to say: “Atlas’s Rambo arrived, literally like a real-life Rambo. And he jumped over the fence into the valley and caught the (censored).”

“All I can say is well done to Atlas, and well done to Rambo, the guy climbed into the bush, over the fence, and hauled him out on the other side of Snowden Avenue.”