Suspect Caught on Site in St Georges

The Atlas Security Control Room received an activation from a premises in Hallack Road, St Georges Park, on Monday night. Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene, and the client was contacted who confirmed that he will be on scene within a few minutes.

Atlas Security Armed Response Officers B17 and B67 did a full inspection of the premises which is when they found the suspect hiding behind the bath. The suspect was searched and the client’s car keys were found. It was gathered that the suspect had climbed onto the roof and gained access through a window that had no burglar bars. The suspect then tried to cut the wires of the alarm system, thinking that he could become invisible, with no success.

The suspect was handed over to the SAPS and a case was opened, while an Atlas Security technician stood down and repaired the damage that the suspect had caused.

This demonstrates the importance of someone being available to give Armed Response access, in the event of an activation, to do an internal check. The client was able to arrive promptly which was the key to our team finding the suspect and removing a criminal from society.