The first incident and arrest took place on Church Road, Walmer. The house has been under 24-hour guard as the owner is currently in Germany. The suspect gained entry to the property by scaling the left-hand side front boundary wall and encountered the guards on site. A scuffle broke out, and during this time, our Dedicated Patrol Service vehicle W01, which was patrolling nearby, noticed the suspect fleeing from the property entrance. The officer gave chase and apprehended the suspect a few meters down the street. The SAPS was contacted, and a case was opened.

The second incident occurred in Summerstrand. While our Dedicated Patrol Service vehicle SD2 was patrolling Vigne Road, the officer noticed a male carrying a step ladder. The Dedicated Patrol Officer decided to question the male, who admitted to taking the ladder from a home on Richardson Street. The owner of the ladder confirmed that it was indeed her property. Although she chose not to press charges, we escorted the suspect out of the area.

In conclusion, these incidents underscore the crucial role of a dedicated patrol service that operates tirelessly to safeguard the DPS communities. With round-the-clock patrols and vigilant officers, we ensure the security and well-being of our residents.