The Atlas Security Control Room releases very worrying triple-figure incidents over a 7-day period.

The Atlas Security Operations Team has responded to a record-breaking 106 incidents over the past week.

These stats are spread across various crimes, from burglaries to trespassing, from medical emergencies to armed robberies and a murder. The spike that stands out are the theft and vandalism incidents. One must understand that the vandalism cases are often where suspects have tried to gain entry into a premises and just damaged the property, it’s something to take very seriously as it isn’t just a child that has broken a window by mistake, these figures are to be taken very seriously as it paints a picture that we all need to stop and look at.

The big question is whether or not these stats are here to stay? The economy is under immense strain and there is no light yet indicating that improvement will come anytime soon. The reality is that people will keep turning to a life of crime to put food on their table.

When criminals flood communities like they have been, our team are ready and waiting for them. This is evident as the team have successfully apprehended 11 criminals to make your streets safer.

This is our community; we can’t allow criminals the freedom to do as they please while we live in fear. We are fighting back! We are fighting back for the safety of you and your family! We are equipped for the war on crime!