The Atlas Security Control Room Reports That Extremely High Crime Stats Continue to Rampage through Nelson Mandela Bay

Stats released by the Atlas Security Control Room tells a story of another week in a very tough situation for residents in Nelson Mandela Bay. The 2nd week in a row of triple-figure incidents indicates that criminals are desperate to make ends meet, and will do anything necessary.

The breakdown of the incidents show that people are trying to take and steal what they can, with vehicles and pedestrians still large targets for easy cash. A common trend is that people seem to be walking around with large amounts of cash on them in high crime areas, being vigilant does not only mean keeping an eye on what’s around you, it also talks to making the right decisions to keep yourself out of the target. Carrying large amounts of cash places that target directly onto you.

Should you need to carry a large amount of money or any other valuable items, just placing it in your pocket and thinking that no one will know about it is not wise. Plan the transportation better, get someone that you trust to drive you to your destination or use electronic methods of moving cash around.

Businesses are advised to put customer safety in a more serious light as well. Many of the robbery of persons incidents are taking place outside of businesses. The Control Room suggests the installation of a CCTV solution. There are various solutions that Atlas Security offers through Surveillance Pro for medium to large companies and Surveillance Lite catering for small business and domestic properties. We have a solution that will match your budget.