Acts of Theft are quickly becoming the top crimes that the Atlas Security Operations Team responds to daily, with the most common items stolen being copper and cables, but why is it a go-to for criminals?

The main reason is that the exteriors of properties are generally unprotected, as many security solutions are outdated, and only protect the inside of the building. This makes it easy for criminals to enter the yard and remain undetected as they scout the premises and take what they want with no time constraint. These materials include air-conditioning units, copper pipes attached to the exterior of the building, tools in unprotected outbuildings, water meters, etc.

The Solution:

In the early days, securing the perimeter was a costly exercise, as the technology came at a price. Not only was it expensive, but the basic nature of the technology made it a reactive measure rather than a proactive deterrent.

As technological innovation has accelerated, so the possibilities have stepped into a new world of opportunity for security. The sophistication of perimeter protection has ensured reliability and forced affordability. Making early detection an affordable reality for all.

The modern-day security solution is a multi-layered solution that protects from the outside in, which includes fence alarms, outdoor beams, and the most effective layer – analytical CCTV solutions.

Atlas Security’s Surveillance Pro solution is a proactive CCTV solution that can detect human movement within the set parameters of the premises. Simplified, it’s creating a virtual fence around your property which when broken alerts our control room before the suspects have even made it to your business.