Since last week’s warning from Monty, we have seen a tremendous spike in front-door breaks in the suburbs.

Upon investigation of general incidents this week, we noticed a trend – most burglaries occurred on a Tuesday between the hours of 12 midnight and 4am. But this trend does not seem to apply to the breach of front doors.

Front-door breaks are more likely to happen during the day and we have urged all residents and business owners to do a comprehensive check around their property and the means of entering. Any added security measures add a delay or a possible prevention of a break-in – perimeter security is very important when it comes to the prevention of front door access. Front walls, sturdy main and front door gates, and other such measures all contribute to deterring would-be criminals.

Today’s criminals have a very vast understanding of an alarm panel and how an alarm works, hence the reason key holder information and the co-operation of a key holder are of immense importance to us, as already mentioned by Monty.

Please stay vigilant and aware of the people around you, those who look unfamiliar to your neighbourhood and the vehicles that look suspicious, are not too small to report.

Lets rather be over cautious than naïve to the harsh truth.