Trending Intrusions: Atlas Security Makes Inroads With 2 Arrests Following Break-ins

Atlas Security releases crime statistics from 24 October – 30 October 2019.

As we start nearing the crazy season, as predicted, residential properties were hit the most, making up 58% of the total incidents.

In total 39 incidents were reported to Atlas Security. Of these, 13 were positive burglaries, 2 of the burglaries led to two arrests as a result of fast response and teamwork, 3 armed robberies, 1 house robberies, 7 theft, 5 vandalism and two break-in arrest incidents. The most reported incidents happened on Tuesday between 00:37 – 23:32.

The highest trending items reported to have been stolen are:

  • Large sums of Cash
  • Cellphones, Laptops
  • Vehicles
  • Clothing
  • Firearms

Commercial loss:

·        Large sums of cash from tills and safes

·         Copper

·         Machinery

·         Laptop

The burglars’ most trending entry point was:

  • Windows

Hotspots for the week:

·         Walmer