This week we will be reporting on statistics from the 12.04.2018 and ending the 18.04.2018.

43 incidents were reported to Atlas Security in the past week. 32 of them were positive burglaries, 6 attempted burglaries, 2 armed robberies and 2 house robberies.

The most reported incidents happened on a Saturday morning between 04:00 – 08:00.

The highest trending items that have been stolen are:
• Laptops
• Plasma TV’s
• Cellphones
• Firearms
• Jewellery

The burglar’s most trending entry points have been:
• Windows
• Front door

The hotspots for the week:
• Newton Park
• North End

This week, commercial properties suffered 59% of the positive incidents.

4 of our positive burglaries had no loss on site. 6 of these incidents had no entry gained.

Month to date, 25 arrests have been reported. We would like to thank the K9 unit, SAPS and Metro for all their assistance.

We are proud to announce that no activations or positive burglaries were due to an alarm not being armed. We would like to thank all subscribers for co-operating and assisting us in keeping your home a safe place.

With a long weekend approaching us, we urge all subscribers and business owners to make sure that your keyholder information is updated and your alarm is in full working order. For a free risk assessment, please contact us on 0861 585 585 or alternatively emails us on:

With the commercial properties having the highest rate of crime for the past three weeks – we have increased visibility in those areas and the guards on site are told to be more vigilant.