This week we will be reporting on statistics from the 03.03.2017 until the 09.03.2017.
The past week, Atlas Security focused on a lot of operations evenings. Our patrol vehicles have been up and down your neighbourhood and we intend to continue this to decrease the crime. We believe that due to this, crime has already decreased to 20 burglaries. Last week we had a total of 31 burglaries.

Our busiest day thus far has been a Friday between 02:00 – 03:00.
When we receive reports of missing items, the most common items have been laptops and computers. This week we found an increase in roof entries, this being the most common way to gain entry into any premises.
The following area has had more than two incidents in the past week:

• Walmer Downs

Residential burglaries have been the majority of burglaries this week, ending on 55% of the burglaries.

Due to the increase in house robberies and front door kicks, we urge those who do not have Remote panics to please make enquiries with our sales staff re acquiring these useful items. For those customers who do have, please make sure you call our control room and test your remotes. The batteries are like any other remote; they need to be replaced in on a regular basis.

These remote panics are portable, so should you be in your driveway or hanging up washing and you are approached by an intruder, you do not have to run into your home in order to alert us.

Should you require any more information regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0861 585 585 or email .