Our most common burglaries are once again in the Commercial areas of Deal party. Fridays between 01:00 and 08:00 are seen to be the target times.

There were 32 burglaries during the past week of which most were because there was not enough protection or because the alarm was not armed. The below information is a guideline to assist with potential risks. Please note that if a burglary does take place, we would send a technician to do a risk assessment free of charge.

The monitoring of alarm signals can be done via various communication methods or a combination thereof.

The most common of these are: Radio Transmitter, Telephone Line, GSM Module and IP module. In many cases we find that, due to lack of understanding, many people unknowingly expose themselves to risk by relying on only one method for their alarm to send signals.

All communication devices are reliant on an infrastructure in order to be able to communicate effectively. Should any part of this infrastructure or even the communication device itself become faulty or fail, our Control Centre will not receive any alarm signals from the device. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that all alarm systems are monitored via a combination of no less than two (2) of the above mentioned communication devices. This allows the one device to act as a backup to the other.

Although it is possible for the infrastructure of both communication methods to fail simultaneously, it is highly unlikely and therefore reduces the risk of alarm signals not being received versus the option of only relying on one form of alarm monitoring communication.