“Invest in people who invest in you,” is the ethos of this article.
It is imperative to be aware of what is happening around you – when it happens and what to do in certain incidents. We, as the experts, are here to increase your knowledge pertaining to safety and security.

Over the past week, 32 burglaries occurred. Upon thorough investigation, we observed that most burglaries occurred on a Wednesday morning from 00:00 – 08:00.

Commercial areas have always been at a higher risk due to there being no occupants during the night, and hence the reason for the high number of burglaries in the Sidwell area. We also experienced a much higher intrusion rate in Walmer.

The most vulnerable entry points in have been bathroom windows and roof breaks. We have also come across a few burglaries where the suspects have made a hole in the wall and pulled stock through the hole.

It is important to know that after every burglary or at any given request, our team can conduct a free risk assessment. This will enable you to know where the vulnerable areas of your premises are and receive an expert’s advice regarding the best protection.

We also urge all those living in access-controlled premises to contact our consultants in order to update their instructions, which will ensure that there is no delay in our response officers attending to your emergency. There are various locks and codes that can be used to gain access to a premises protected by Atlas Security.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on 0861 585 585 or alternatively please email us on info@atlas24.co.za.