This week we will be reporting on statistics from the 26.05.2017 and ending the 01.06.2017.
35 Incidents were reported to Atlas Security in the past week. 30 of them were positive burglaries; 4 attempted burglaries and 1 armed robbery.

48% of the above incidents occurred at commercial sites and the 52% remaining, took place in residential suburbs.

The most reported incidents happened on a Monday morning between 00:00-03:00.
The highest trending items that have been stolen are:

• Laptops
• Plasma TV’s
• Safes
• Jewellery

Their most trending entry points have been:
• Roof
• Front door
• Office and bedroom windows

The below area has had more than one incident in this past week:
• Sidwell

9 of our clients, who had positive burglaries, had no loss on site.
We still urge our scholars that when staying after school for sport; to be extra careful and stay in safe vicinities. The schools should also make sure that there is a security guard or someone on site that locks up after all pupils have left the school.

Cyclists and runners need to be vigilant in any areas where there is a lot of bush; you are vulnerable because your chances of finding help are very slim. Change your route if you can, so that anyone watching, knows your route is not predictable.

Access is still a matter of concern and we ask all residents and business owners to make sure that our response officers can access the property front and back. We find that due to lack of access, the intruders are entering at the back of the premises and are able to flee using the back walls etc. mostly because Armed Response are not able to access this area.

If you have pet friendly sensors and do no longer have pets, please call us to re-evaluate your home. A lot of our burglaries are not stopped in time due to lack of protection.

Should you require any more information regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0861 585 585 or email .