If you, for a moment, thought that your bank or financial advisor didn’t have your best interests at heart, what would you do? If you thought that your money was under threat, how would you react? 

The standard answer to these questions is that one would usually jump at making a change to someone that they trust, to someone that will protect their money and give them the best offering… Why don’t we have the same reaction to the protection and investment of our family? 

Atlas Security is a brand that is completely built on trust, but how do we back that up? Saying ‘Trust Us’ is so easy to say, it’s so easy to type… But when the chips are on the table, how do we prove our commitment and dedication to the safety of your family? It isn’t in the size of the fleet that we talk about, it isn’t in the training that goes into our staff, it isn’t in what you see on the outside. It all lies within what happens when no one is looking. 

We operate within an industry that can potentially pose many risks if we get it wrong, but it’s in the daily actions that are taken behind the scenes that force our best foot forward and ensure that your family are being protected by the right people, by people that have the best intentions and have no inclination to use their position for any shady dealings. 

This is why the staff at Atlas Security have to go through various levels of tests before they are employed, and these tests ensure their honesty. With an in-depth pre-employment polygraph test done by an external specialist, each employee is screened to ensure that they are not part of any criminal organisation, have no criminal intentions and have a clean lifestyle. They have to also have full police clearance before being employed. 

But we don’t stop there, these tests are performed repetitively through their life at Atlas Security. We need to know for sure that our clients are in the safest hands possible, and our staff are kept honest. This does not only apply to the Armed Response Officers, these tests are conducted on every single employee. They are also not done at random, as someone with bad intentions could slip through the process. It’s every employee, from senior managers all the way down to the tea lady that go through the process every single time. 

Why do we do this though? Is it because we don’t trust our staff? 

Absolutely not. We do this so that our clients can trust our staff. We know that we have the most dedicated staff on the planet, people that live to serve, but we want you to know that as well. 

We want you to know that Your World Is Secure In Our Hands.