Theft of Motor Vehicles and Theft Out of Motor Vehicles have become an overnight craze for criminals, as residents continue to make their vehicles easy targets. 

Multiple items are constantly being reported stolen out of vehicles overnight, including; laptops, handbags, wallets and so much more. It is vital that people stop leaving valuables in their vehicles. 

With many vehicles being parked in the yard at night, they are often left completely unprotected. Meaning that before you’ve even figured out what the sound was that woke you up, the criminals have already jumped the wall, smashed your window, grabbed the laptop from the back seat and disappeared. 

So how do you protect the vehicle that stands in your yard? 

The first step is to not leave any valuables in the vehicle, and the second step is to have perimeter protection. This type of protection includes outdoor beams, CCTV, a linked electric fence and more. Detecting criminals early are vital to the safety of your belongings. 

Another crucial step to take is to keep the surrounds of your home well lit, criminals prefer to operate in the shadows so that they remain unseen. Eliminate their opportunity by eliminating the shadows.