Fire destroys Walmer Family home

The Walmer community along with the Atlas Security DPS Response Officers, fearlessly rushed into a home in Walmer as thick smoke leapt from inside.
The fire, which broke out at about 06:44 on Sunday morning, completely demolished the property in Walmer. Brave neighbours, DPS Armed Response Officer and the fire brigade who witnessed the blaze, rushed to the family’s assistance. Our Armed Response Officer was called to the scene and attempted to take control of the fire until the fire department arrived. We thank him for his efforts. The exhausted and brave Armed Response Officer looked on and allowed the firemen to take control.

A faulty geyser is believed to have triggered the blaze, with the speedy response times in our DPS area, all family members were brought to safety and a few sentimental items were recovered.

Attempted mugging in Walmer leads to arrest!

Within minutes of a woman experiencing an attempted mugging in Water Road, Walmer on Sunday afternoon, a suspect was apprehended.
The member of the public was attacked while walking the streets of Walmer on Sunday afternoon around 14:30. The victim had her cellphone in her front pocket and was assaulted in an attempt to take her belongings.
Our DPS Armed Response Officer was on patrol when the incident took place which lead to the successful arrest.

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