Walmer Heights Burglar Apprehended in William Moffett

The Atlas Security Control Room received information of a burglary that had taken place at a client’s residence on Monday morning. Two suspects climbed the side of the building onto the patio before entering through a window and stealing a TV. While exiting, the suspects dropped the TV which woke the client up, leading the suspects to flee.

Atlas Security Armed Response Officers noted the description of the suspects before patrolling the vicinity. It didn’t take long before the suspects were spotted by B25 on William Moffett, who swiftly moved in and managed to apprehend one suspect. The client arrived on scene and made a positive ID of the suspect. The suspect was handed over to the SAPS.

Being a locally based company, the people that we employ live next to our clients, a safer neighbourhood for our clients means a safer neighbourhood for our own families. We won’t tolerate criminals putting your family in danger just as we won’t tolerate them putting our own family in danger. After all, our clients are our family.