Warning For Strong Winds In Nelson Mandela Bay and Port Alfred

Brace yourself, strong winds will hit Nelson Mandela Bay and Port Alfred! And apart from the possibility of serious damage to your home and property, heavy winds can also cause a severe influx of false alarms. Stay cautious by securing your home with these windy season safety tips.

1. Gale-force winds often prelude a storm, which can send your pets into hysterics. If you leave a window or door open for them, make sure their movements won’t trigger your alarm. Also, be mindful of how open entryways can leave you vulnerable to opportunistic robbers.

2. For safety purposes fasten any outdoor furniture that can possibly be lifted by the wind. Have a look around your yard and keep any outdoor objects such as braai stands or sun umbrellas stored away so they won’t be able to cause damage to a person or your property.

3. Assess the condition of your roof regularly to ensure the tiles are still secure and won’t go flying when the wind picks up, which could not only injure someone but also creates a potential weak spot in your home security. Burglars often gain entry to homes through the roof and missing slate signals easy access.

4. Check that all trees are cut back and won’t interfere with any outdoor beams, CCTV cameras’ field of vision, or especially electric fencing as it’s hard to determine the exact hindrance source on large properties. Also have older, vulnerable trees felled or weak branches removed that can fall on your home during a storm.

5. Always ensure that all windows and doors are properly latched and secured to help prevent false alarms. Particularly strong winds blowing thick curtains or blinds inward may trigger a passive and set the alarm off unnecessarily.

During a storm, it becomes harder to discern noises coming from outside and criminals can use this to their advantage. Be extra vigilant during these conditions and never rush outside to check for damages if you hear a disturbance. On the same note, don’t disregard unfamiliar sounds as the wind and always contact your security company if you feel uncertain or unsafe.