We Are Making Criminals’ Lives Way Too Easy

There are many ways to stay that crucial step ahead of criminals in the war on crime, and they are not all drastic measures. There are the basics of making sure your alarm is in good working order, ensuring that there is sufficient lighting on your property, installing perimeter protection for early detection, locking all doors and windows at night etc. 

But there is one simple measure that many residents are not taking, an act that takes a few seconds but can save your life. And that act is Arming Your Alarm! 

Within the past 7 days, a massive 38% of alarm systems have not been armed in positive residential incidents. 

Arming your alarm is the first line of defence for your property, and for your family. We have the largest Armed Response fleet in the Metro standing by for your protection, but without an armed alarm, they can’t know that you’re in trouble. 

Arming your alarm is not only for when you go to work. Your alarm should be armed when you go to bed at night and when you’re quickly popping out to the shop. Too many times have we heard “I was only going out for a few minutes”, criminals act quickly enough for that 10-minute trip to get bread and milk to be enough time for them to enter your home and steal what they want. 

We urge all clients to take those extra few seconds and ARM YOUR ALARM.