It almost took a small village to capture the most adorable little rascal that dashed out of his owner’s yard in Mangold Park on Thursday. The moment the gate swung open; Bo ran out. We’re convinced he simply had an itch for exploration.
Thankfully, one of our Sales Consultants happened to be visiting Bo’s humans and took off after him in an attempt to apprehend the mischievous troublemaker. However, Bo’s boundless excitement led him into the bush, prompting our consultant to summon our area vehicle.
Within minutes, our area vehicle arrived to help Chantel lure Bo out. Luckily a neighbour witnessed the scene and kindly offered our team a leash to escort him home.
At the very least, Chantel relished a breath of fresh air and exercise, while Officer B86 could enjoy a few minutes strolling alongside the cutest (albeit mischievous) fur baby, Bo.
See, there’s always a silver lining when you choose to embrace the bright side of life. 😉