We decided to make a substantial investment into the safety and security of Walmer Heights area earlier this year.

The bottom of Beethoven Street, between Weymouth Place and Schubert Street, has always been viewed as an access point into the suburb for criminal elements. To tackle the ongoing crime in this area, we have installed very High-End analytical intelligent cameras.

The built in Artificial Intelligence of the cameras are able to differentiate between a cow, a bird or a person. At high-risk times of the day or night the cameras will become active, and should any person walk, crawl or move in the area the footage will be sent to our control room; in turn, they will dispatch a response vehicle to investigate, intervene and nudge the undesirables out of the area. Since the installation of these cameras, we have noticed a drop in crime and access to these areas.

Just this morning (Wednesday), Atlas Security Armed Response officers escorted a few individuals that had entered the area. These are proactive measures that Atlas Security will continue to engage in, ensuring you’re safe in your home.

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