Officer B70 was on his way to the shop when he noticed a pregnant lady crying, lying on the side of Community Road in Walmer.
Without hesitation, he pulled over to offer his assistance, only to discover that the lady suspected she might be in labour. Officer B70 stepped up to the occasion, becoming an unexpected “midwife.” As the mother-to-be’s water broke, the officer skilfully delivered a precious gift – a little baby girl.
A social worker, present at the nearby petrol station, rushed to the scene. Together, they ensured that help was on the way. The clinic was contacted, and arrangements were made for the mother and her new-born to be transported to the clinic to receive the care they needed.
In the midst of the festive season, a new life was welcomed into the world. It truly is a time of miracles and joy, where even a trip to the shop transforms into a heart-warming story of compassion and unexpected blessings.
As Officer B70 drove away, he carried with him the warmth of a memory that would be cherished for years to come. Well done, Officer B70! We are so proud of you! 💙
May be a black-and-white image of baby