During the winter months, Home and Business owners are relying more and more on security systems as crime increases and as technology advances. Users are given more control over how their alarm systems work. However, what they might not know is that weather may adversely affect these systems and cause them to malfunction.

Living in Port Elizabeth we all know that even though the wind might not be blowing when you leave home/work, it can suddenly and without warning, start gusting for hours on end. This becomes a serious problem for our Reaction Officers checking “non-genuine” alarm calls.

We urge Subscribers to keep all windows closed and doors securely locked when leaving home/work and to ensure pets, fans, heaters, balloons, etc. are kept away from motion sensor areas so that any future activations are for genuine reasons.

False alarms are a mammoth problem in the security industry as they are not only costly, but also time consuming and could be potentially compromising to a client in genuine distress. A false alarm is one that is triggered unnecessarily on a regular basis. Atlas Security responds to each of these as if a burglary is in progress, wasting valuable time that could be devoted to real problems.

The efficiency of an alarm system is also dependent on regular testing and maintenance. Build up of dirt on sensor lenses; dust, insect activity, birds, rats & cat activity reduce the reliability of an alarm system. Good housekeeping can minimize this risk.

The internal sensors should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth only – no detergent is to be used as this will damage the sensor lenses and compromise detection capability and Insect repellent can be sprayed around the sensor.

In Shops and Factories the detection patterns of sensors can be compromised if stock is packed in front of them, thereby limiting the ‘field of vision’. So please ensure that all sensors have no stock/boxes etc packed in front of them.

Should you have Outdoor beams installed please ensure that all areas outside your home or business is kept clear of all foliage, rubbish and packaging that could blow in front of the beams/fence and therefore causing false alarms.

When a false alarm occurs – Don’t Panic! – Enter your disarm code carefully to reset your alarm. If you set off your alarm by accident do not leave until you have called Atlas Alarm Control and give them your PASSCODE (this is different from your disarming code).

Generally, reason for false activations could be caused by:

  • Drafts through open or broken windows or doors
  • Pets left inside alarmed areas
  • Rodents, birds, cats and insects
  • Faulty or antiquated alarm equipment or cabling
  • User error

For Atlas Security to continue delivering the absolute best service in the security industry, we need your help in combating this scourge of false alarms!

Remember: Responding to false alarms can compromise our service to a client in genuine distress. Help us Help you. The fewer false alarms, the faster our response time!