It is no secret that the world is in a very unfamiliar space and with that comes a sense of fear and panic. So this is the time that your alarm system can be your safety net that will be there to catch you if you fall.

Your alarm system is not just a tool to watch over your house when you’re at work or away, it is just as important for you and your family when you are at home. We live in a country that has high house robbery statistics (The difference between a burglary and a house robbery, is that a burglary is when suspects enter your residence when no one is home, a house robbery is when suspects enter your residence when you or your family are in the house.) House robberies are very high stress situations as anything can happen, both the suspects and victims could act impulsively and escalate the situation in a split second. It is a moment like this where you need your panic button where our Armed Response officers are standing by to assist you.

Another situation that your alarm aids in when you are at home, are medical emergencies. What if your child swallows something and it blocks their airway, complete panic follows because he/she can’t breathe… You need to phone an ambulance but you can’t remember where you put it… your remember you left in in the car, but now where did you leave your keys? You scurry to find them while your loved one is gasping for air… All of that can be avoided by simply pressing your panic button and have an Armed Response officer with a minimum of level 3 first aid training arrive at our residence quicker than you can find your phone, who can also dispatch an ambulance for you through our control room.

These are only 2 of the many situations that your alarm system could have your back, even when you are staying at home.