In the new era of connecting everything, more businesses are turning to a proactive CCTV solutions to provide more comprehensive protection.
But what’s one of the disadvantages of CCTV cameras? It is often seen as a reactive solution as the footage is used after the incident has occured.

Surveillance Pro is a proactive solution as it has the capability to detect true human movement and raise an alert in the Atlas Security Control Room, a capability that has revolutionised how CCTV can protect your home or business. Technology that is actively watching over your premises within the set parameters.

As seen in this footage, the suspect was detected through the Analytical CCTV solution and Armed Response was able to arrive and detain the suspects, leaving the premises untouched and preventing the business from suffering any losses, not to mention sidestepping the headache of having to claim for stock losses, replace damaged windows, security gates, replace stolen computers, and lastly suffer from a rising insurance premium after they need to payout.

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