Batten down the hatches, the windy season is upon us! Wind can cause a great influx of false alarms, so remember to check that your shrubs and trees are cut back and won’t interfere with outdoor beams, and that windows are properly secured.

Generally, reasons for false activations could be caused by:
• Drafts through open or broken windows or doors: The alarm does not only read the change in temperature, but it picks up the movement of blinds/curtains as well.
• Pets left inside alarmed areas: Please ensure that the PIR’s are pet friendly or, alternatively, leave pets in unalarmed areas.
• Rodents, birds, cats, geckos and insects.
• Faulty or antiquated alarm equipment or cabling: Please contact us for an obligation-free quote.
• User error: In the event of user error, we urge users to contact the control centre.
• Phone 041 401 2222 to cancel the response. Please have your password handy.
• Clients out who are of town and we do not have updated key holder information: Please educate key holders on how to use the alarm and supply us with the necessary key holder information.