To summarise the problem, loadshedding causes an enormous amount of false alarms in Control Rooms across the country from the power being turned on and off. This is due to the batteries not being able to withstand the effects of loadshedding as they are not able to charge back up to full capacity before needing to power the system again.

So what can you do to ensure your safety?

⚡️In the event of an emergency, press your panic button⚡️

The control room prioritises panic signals when overloaded with false alarms. So if you have a problem, use your panic button. Call volumes peak during loadshedding as our operators are contacting all the false alarms to verify emergencies.

⚡️How to contact Atlas Security⚡️

With the mentioned call volumes causing a bottleneck to our control room, we urge clients to rather message us on Facebook as we have backup staff manning the social media platforms, ready to assist with any issues that you may have.

⚡️Have an alternative power source for your alarm⚡️

Purchasing an Atlas Security SPS, installing an inverter, connecting your system to solar solutions, or any other form of safe alternative power to your alarm system will ensure that your system is connected at all times, keeping your family/business safe.